How to Make a Money Bowl with Rice and Pennies: Attract Abundance Easily

Creating a money bowl is a charming and symbolic way to invite wealth into your life. This simple yet powerful tool works as a magnet for abundance, harnessing the energies of materials like rice, pennies, and intentions.

You’ll begin with a bowl – this can be any bowl you feel connected to, or choose specific colors like green or gold to symbolize prosperity.

Into this vessel, you’ll layer rice, an ancient symbol of abundance and sustenance, followed by pennies, which represent the smallest unit of currency building towards greater wealth.

This mindful activity combines these elements, allowing you to set your financial intentions with each addition.

The process invites you to focus on your financial goals, literally planting seeds in the form of rice grains, and then watching them grow and multiply, mimicked by the accumulating pennies.

What may start as a simple crafting endeavor can transform into a small sanctuary of prosperity in your own home, standing as a testament to your financial intentions and desires.

Gathering Materials

To create your own money bowl for attracting prosperity, you’ll need a few key materials. Each item plays a role in setting your intentions for financial success.

Selecting a Bowl

Your bowl symbolizes the container for your prosperity. Find a small to medium sized bowl that resonates with you.

It’s traditionally suggested to use a bowl that’s either green or gold in color, as these colors are associated with abundance.

Choosing Rice

Rice represents a foundation for your wealth to grow upon. Opt for white rice due to its associations with purity and new beginnings. You’ll need enough rice to adequately fill the bottom of your chosen bowl.

Collecting Pennies

Pennies, offering the energy of copper and the grounding nature of metal, serve as attractors of wealth in the money bowl.

Start collecting pennies, preferably shiny ones to invite positive energy. Your intention can be reinforced with every penny you add.

Preparing the Bowl

To begin crafting your money bowl, it’s essential to prepare the bowl properly, ensuring a pure and positive foundation for attracting wealth. Each step, from cleansing to layering, sets the intent and energy for prosperity.

Cleansing the Bowl

Before you start, it’s critical to cleanse your chosen bowl to remove any old energies and make way for the new.

You can smudge the bowl using sage or pass it through the smoke of incense. For those who prefer not to use smoke, a solution of salt water can also be effective—simply wipe the bowl with a cloth dipped in the solution and then dry it thoroughly.

Layering Rice and Pennies

Once cleansed, begin layering the bowl with rice and pennies.

Start with a layer of rice, representing abundance and fertility. Then, add a layer of pennies on top; these should be shiny and clean to attract positive energy and wealth.

Continue alternating between rice and pennies until the bowl is filled.

Remember, the act of layering is also an act of setting intentions, so focus on your goals for prosperity with each addition to the bowl.

Activating the Money Bowl

After assembling your Money Bowl, the next critical step is to activate its potential to attract wealth. This process will imbue your bowl with the energy needed to turn your intentions into reality.

Setting Intentions

Select a quiet space. Begin by finding a peaceful area where you can focus without distractions. Meditation or a moment of silence can help you concentrate your thoughts on your financial goals.

  • Visualize your goal. Imagine the wealth you wish to attract with each grain of rice and penny you place in the bowl. Hold in your mind the specifics of what prosperity means to you.

Adding Prosperity Symbols

Incorporate items that represent abundance:

Along with rice and pennies, select a few items that symbolize prosperity to you. These could include:

  • Crystals such as citrine or pyrite for abundance and wealth.
  • Symbols like coins, cash, or even fake gold bars.
  • Herbs like cinnamon sticks or cloves that are often associated with attracting wealth.

Maintaining the Money Bowl

Proper maintenance ensures your money bowl continues to attract abundance while remaining a harmonious part of your living space.

Refreshing the Bowl

It’s important to keep the energy of your money bowl fresh and active.

  • Monthly Ritual: On the first day of each month, cleanse your bowl and the coins with incense to clear any stagnant energy.
  • Rice Renewal: Replace the rice every six months to ensure it’s energetically clean and potent for attracting wealth.

Money Bowl Placement

Location is key for a money bowl to function at its best.

  • High Traffic Areas: Place your money bowl in a living area where it can interact with the energy flow of your home.
  • Visibility: Ensure it’s visible, to remind you of your financial intentions and amplify its energetic presence.

By adhering to these practices, your money bowl can be a powerful tool in your wealth-attracting rituals.