How to Read Astrology Dice: A Quick and Easy Guide

Astrology dice, also known as astrodice, are a unique and fascinating divination tool that blends the ancient art of astrology with dice-based fortune-telling.

By casting these special dice, you can gain valuable insights into various aspects of your life, from personal relationships to career aspirations.

You might be wondering how to read astrology dice and unlock the messages behind the intriguing symbols.

To read astrology dice, you need a set of three 12-sided dice, each representing different aspects of astrology: planets, zodiac signs, and houses.

When you cast the dice, your goal is to interpret the combination of symbols from these three core elements of astrology, revealing insights, guidance, or answers to your questions.

As you begin your journey with astrology dice, you should know that practice and intuition play a significant role in improving your readings over time.

Embrace the adventure of learning how to use and interpret astrology dice to uncover hidden truths, explore personal development, and tap into the cosmic language speaking to your subconscious.

Trust your intuition, stay connected with your inner wisdom, and enjoy the process of mastering this captivating divination tool.

Understanding Astrology Dice

Astrology dice are a unique tool for divination, incorporating the zodiac wheel, the houses, and the meanings of the zodiac signs.

In this section, we will explore the components of the dice and the significance of each die, helping you understand how to use them effectively.

Components of the Dice

Astrology dice typically come in a set of three, each with twelve sides.

The three dice represent:

  1. Planets: This die features symbols for the planets in astrology, including the Sun, Moon, and Pluto.
  2. Zodiac Signs: The second die represents the twelve zodiac signs, from Aries to Pisces.
  3. Houses: The third die corresponds to the twelve astrological houses, which represent different areas of life.

When rolled together, the combination of these three dice generates a specific aspect of your life, providing insights and guidance for the situation you’re inquiring about.

Significance of Each Die

Planets play a significant role in astrology, as they represent different parts of the psyche and aspects of human life.

Each planet carries a specific energy based on its attributes, such as love, communication, or action.

The planet die helps you understand which area of your life is being affected or activated by the situation.

Zodiac Signs influence your personality traits, desires, and life lessons.

When you roll the zodiac sign die, it reveals the energies and characteristics at play in the circumstance.

For example, if you roll Aries, it may suggest a need for assertiveness or initiative, while Pisces could indicate the importance of empathy and intuition.

Houses relate to specific life experiences and areas of focus, such as relationships, career, or personal development.

By rolling the house die, you gain insights into which part of your life the situation is primarily impacting.

For instance, if the dice lands on the 7th house, it might be hinting at a focus on partnerships and relationships, while the 10th house could suggest career-related matters.

Using these three components together allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the energies and influences at work in your life.

With practice, you’ll become more adept at interpreting the dice and applying their wisdom to your unique circumstances.

How to Read Astrology Dice

Preparing for the Reading

Before starting your reading, find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus on your question.

Clear your mind and take a few deep breaths.

It is essential to have a specific question in mind as this will help in accurately interpreting the results.

Hold your astrology dice in your hands and focus on your question while mentally setting your intention to receive guidance.

Rolling the Dice

When you are ready, roll the three astrology dice.

Each die represents a different aspect of astrology:

  • Die 1: Planets – indicating the subject or main actor
  • Die 2: Zodiac signs – depicting feelings or costume
  • Die 3: Houses – representing the area of life or scene

Take a moment to observe the symbols that have landed face-up on each of the dice.

Interpreting Results

Now it’s time to interpret the results based on the combination of the three symbols. Follow these steps:

  1. First, identify the planet on the first die, which will reveal the main topic or subject of the reading.
  2. For example, if the symbol for Venus is showing, the focus might be on love or relationships.
  3. Next, look at the zodiac sign on the second die, which will tell you the emotional atmosphere or the energies at play.
  4. Let’s say the symbol for Gemini appears; this could indicate communication and adaptability are essential.
  5. Finally, examine the house on the third die, which corresponds to the area of life impacted by the reading.
  6. If the 10th house is showing, it relates to your career or public life.

Combining these three elements, in this example, it means love or relationships with strong communication and adaptability play a significant role in your career or public life.

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and the more you work with astrology dice, the more you’ll understand the nuances of the symbols and how they relate to each other.

Remember to be patient with yourself and enjoy the process of learning this unique divination tool!

Exploring Astrological Concepts

Astrology dice, also known as astrodice, are a fascinating tool for divination that combines the principles of astrology with that of dice throwing.

In this section, we will explore three key astrological concepts- planets, zodiac signs, and houses, which are instrumental in interpreting the messages and guidance drawn from your astrodice.

Planets and Their Meanings

Each planet in astrology has a unique meaning, representing different aspects of one’s life:

  • Sun: Individuality, ego, and life purpose.
  • Moon: Emotions, intuition, and underlying feelings.
  • Mercury: Communication, thoughts, and learning style.
  • Venus: Love, relationships, and values.
  • Mars: Action, passion, and drive.
  • Jupiter: Expansion, growth, and luck.
  • Saturn: Discipline, structure, and long-term goals.
  • Uranus: Innovation, change, and originality.
  • Neptune: Dreams, illusions, and spirituality.
  • Pluto: Transformation, destruction, and rebirth.

Zodiac Signs and Their Attributes

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has specific characteristics and attributes, which affect the way a planet’s energy is expressed:

  1. Aries: Energetic, assertive, and pioneering.
  2. Taurus: Loyal, dependable, and determined.
  3. Gemini: Curious, communicative, and adaptable.
  4. Cancer: Loving, nurturing, and introverted.
  5. Leo: Confident, enthusiastic, and charismatic.
  6. Virgo: Analytical, detail-oriented, and practical.
  7. Libra: Diplomatic, social, and harmonious.
  8. Scorpio: Passionate, resourceful, and intense.
  9. Sagittarius: Adventurous, optimistic, and honest.
  10. Capricorn: Disciplined, ambitious, and persistent.
  11. Aquarius: Original, independent, and intelligent.
  12. Pisces: Sensitive, imaginative, and compassionate.


Houses and Their Themes

In astrology, houses represent various areas of life and the experiences associated with them. Each house has specific themes and areas of focus:

  1. First House: Self-image, body, and personal identity.
  2. Second House: Money, possessions, and values.
  3. Third House: Communication, learning, and short travels.
  4. Fourth House: Home, family, and emotional foundations.
  5. Fifth House: Romance, creativity, and children.
  6. Sixth House: Daily work, habits, and health.
  7. Seventh House: Relationships, marriage, and business partnerships.
  8. Eighth House: Shared resources, intimacy, and transformative experiences.
  9. Ninth House: Adventure, higher education, and spirituality.
  10. Tenth House: Career, reputation, and public image.
  11. Eleventh House: Friendships, group activities, and aspirations.
  12. Twelfth House: Hidden mysteries, spirituality, and closure.