How to Get Rid of Gnomes in Your House: A Quick and Friendly Guide

Dealing with pesky gnomes in your house can be a nuisance. These mischievous creatures are known for stealing or hiding your belongings, especially small trinkets.

Recognizing their presence is the first step in reclaiming your home from the chaos they bring.

Fear not, as there are several ways to deter gnomes and ensure your home stays gnome-free.

In this article, we will explore effective strategies that you can use to expel these troublemakers and prevent them from making a grand return.

So, let’s dive into the world of gnome removal and help you restore peace and order to your space.

Understanding Gnome Infestation

Identifying Gnomes

Gnomes are small creatures that can infiltrate your home, causing mischief and chaos. They’re typically characterized by their large noses and magical abilities.

In some cases, gnomes are even skilled in engineering.

When trying to identify gnomes, look for small trinkets that may have gone missing or been moved around your house. Gnomes love to steal and hide objects, so this can be a telltale sign of their presence.

Reasons for Gnome Presence

There are several reasons gnomes might choose to infest your house. First, they might be attracted to your property if you have a garden, as they enjoy the mischievous potential provided by the plants and insects found there.

Additionally, if you own any unique or antique objects, gnomes might be drawn to your home because of their curiosity and love for interesting items.

Lastly, gnomes may be seeking shelter, protection, or even a new place to call their own.

Remember to stay vigilant for signs of gnome activity, such as missing or moved items and disruptions in your garden.

Identifying a gnome infestation early on is crucial to successfully getting rid of them and preventing any further mischief.

Prevention Tactics

Gnome-Proof Your Home

As a homeowner, it’s crucial to gnome-proof your home.

Gnomes are known to be attracted to small trinkets and items left lying around.

To deter their presence, make sure you keep your home tidy and avoid leaving valuables out in plain sight. This will prevent gnomes from finding items to steal or hide, reducing their interest in your home.

Another important aspect of gnome-proofing your home is to eliminate any potential hiding spots or entrances.

Gnomes are crafty creatures and will sneak in through small openings or hide in dark corners.

Inspect your home for gaps or cracks and seal them properly to prevent gnomes from entering.

Install Gnome Repellents

Gnome repellents are a great way to protect your home from unwanted gnome invasions.

One option is to use scents that gnomes dislike, such as those from certain herbs and spices.

Some suggestions include cinnamon, peppermint, or cloves.

You can place these herbs around your home or use essential oils to create a gnome-unfriendly environment.

Another option is to install gnome deterrents outdoors, such as a gnome-free garden.

Gnomes are drawn to homes with attractive gardens full of decoration and ornaments.

By creating a garden that lacks these features, you will make your home less appealing to gnomes.

Consider replacing gnome-inviting elements with less inviting options, like simple rocks or geometric shapes.

This will not only deter gnomes but also give your garden a modern, minimalist look.

Effective Gnome Removal Methods

Use of Gnome Traps

Gnome traps can be a great solution when dealing with mischievous gnomes in your house.

A popular option is to lay down sticky tape, which will catch them when they walk over it. This method will allow you to easily remove the gnomes from your home without causing any harm to them.

Some other effective gnome trapping methods include:

  • Placing small containers filled with tempting treats, like shiny trinkets. Gnomes are often attracted to such items and will be lured into the trap.
  • Setting up mechanical traps, similar to those used for rodents, can also be a solution, but be careful to avoid causing harm to the gnomes.

Remember to check the traps regularly and move captured gnomes to a safe location outdoors.

Hiring Gnome Exterminators

If you find that the gnome problem in your home is too overwhelming to handle, consider hiring a professional gnome exterminator.

These experts are trained in gnome behavior and can humanely capture and relocate the gnomes without causing harm.

When searching for a gnome exterminator, look for someone with:

  • Experience dealing with gnomes and other similar creatures
  • A good reputation for successfully removing gnomes from homes
  • A commitment to using humane and eco-friendly methods

Hiring a gnome exterminator can save you time and provide peace of mind, knowing that your home will be gnome-free.

Don’t forget to ask the exterminator for tips on preventing future gnome infestations.

Post-Removal Practices

Maintaining a Gnome-Free Environment

After successfully getting rid of gnomes in your house, it’s important to maintain a gnome-free environment.

Start by keeping your home clean and organized. Gnomes are attracted to clutter and scattered belongings, so maintaining a tidy space reduces the chance of them returning.

Another way to deter gnomes is by incorporating iron into your home decor and surroundings.

According to, cast iron in the kitchen protects from trickster fae while hanging iron troll crosses around the home and garden wards off evil elves and gnomes.

In addition, you can use bells and chimes as a preventive measure.

The sound of bells is believed to repel gnomes, so consider placing chimes near entrances or in areas where gnomes are most likely to infiltrate.

Staying Vigilant

Keep an eye out for any signs of gnome activity, such as misplaced items or unusual occurrences.

If you notice any suspicious events, take action immediately to prevent gnomes from settling in your home again.

When hosting gatherings at your home, be mindful of those who might intentionally or unwittingly bring gnome energy with them.

Politely remind guests to leave trinkets and small items outside or secure them in a separate room.


In order to successfully get rid of gnomes in your house, it’s important to first recognize their presence by identifying any mischievous pranks or missing trinkets.

As mentioned on Mookychick, gnomes love to steal or hide small objects you leave out.

Now, keeping your home environment less attractive to gnomes can be a good strategy.

For example, avoid open flames like candles, as gnomes might use them for their own destructive purposes.

Switching to plastic or electric lights can be a helpful alternative, as discussed on Writer’s Digest.

Moreover, stay mindful of any possible gnome-related activities in your home, especially during festive seasons.

Gnomes are known to be adept at potions and alchemy, so keep an eye on things like eggnog or other seasonal concoctions, as advised by Neatorama.

By following these simple steps and remaining vigilant, you can make your home less inviting to gnomes and help ensure they won’t stay for long.

Just remember to stay friendly and keep a sense of humor – after all, gnomes are known to be mischievous pranksters!